10 Key TikTok Figures to Know (Part 1)

If you are new or already experienced TikToker, you must be interested in how actually TikTok performs as the platform. We have already told a short story of the TikTok success in our previous articles, and here are some more facts about the platform. Here we will present the first 5 facts about TikTok!

The first fact is referred to how many times TikTok has been actually downloaded (i.e how much users buy TikTok Likes), and it’s really surprising. We are eager to let you know that the number of downloads is more than 2 billion. Wow! Can you think about other famous apps having the higher number of the downloads? We’re not sure, because TikTok is ranked as the 1st most downloaded app in the entire App Store! Back to 2016, could you imagine there would be something more popular that YouTube and Instagram?

Another interesting number describes the overall TikTok users base. There are over 800 million registered TikTokers right now! This figure looks even more impressive, if you try to visualize this number of people in one room, or building, or …planet? This is the truly impressive number and the indicator that there are all the chances to still go TikTok popular. Can you imagine the share of the world’s population using TikTok, if we tell you there are just 7,5 billion people on Earth?

Moreover, TikTok seems to unite the young audience from all over the world, because the 41% of the audience are in the 16-24 age category. There is no such a global precedent to connect the youngsters from the different parts of the Earth. It has been estimated that the USA has brought 165 million of downloads, 196.6 million downloads from China and, 611 million of all downloads have come from India! Can you imagine this scope and diversity? India is an absolute winner in its race, but you can conduct further analysis to learn why it might have happened like this. Research will help you understand how TikTok grows and what audience is available there.

Here are the five facts out of 10 impressive statistics prepared for you. These facts are collected for you to demonstrate what potential TikTok provides to its users. If you use enough creativity and work on developing your talents, you can reach all of these users and go amazingly popular. TikTok is worth a try of anybody, who would like to work in the creative industry and get noticed by the other media. Follow our blog updates to learn more facts in the next part!

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