2020 TikTok Trends to Follow Right Now

Are you trying to go TikTok famous and searching for the latest trends in content and techniques? Here is the collection of the main 2020 TikTok Trends to Follow as soon as possible, if you want to stay updated. Integrate them in your content strategies to make your TikTok account work!

Emotions and Impressions

TikTok is by far the platform for the youngest audience that is allowed to use social media. If you want to succeed on this platform, you need to consider the characteristics of this audience. The catchiest TikTok videos are those that cause positive emotions and bright impressions to the viewers, especially when it comes to generation Z. Add more bright colors and popular songs to your TikTok videos and charge the youth with positivity!

Creating Loops

Though TikTok videos are just 15 seconds long, it has become popular to link them to create 4 videos loops. This eventually creates a 60 seconds video with the longer story to tell. So, start to plan the scenario for your next 60 seconds loop!

More music

TikTok fans are addicted to music with their love to lip-sync and dancing, so you can become more active, when the new songs are released to the market. Check the music releases regularly to keep your TikTok followers updated!

Good Old Memes

Everybody loves memes and this is a good idea to find fresh memes to convert them into challenges. Subscribe to the memes communities to make sure you know all the latest ones. If you are really quick about integrating memes in your TikTok videos, then you can be easier promoted by TikTok to collect the first reactions to these new memes!

These are the great trends to follow in 2020 and this can help you go TikTok famous quicker. If you want to get more useful tips about attracting TikTok fans, stay tuned and check our blog regularly!

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